Welding Process Quality Management System [ISO 3834]

The series of standards ISO 3834 − “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials” are, to date, the international benchmark for the certification of welding process management systems.
The standards were designed so that they can be used for manufacturers, both in the factory and in building sites.
he standard is applicable to a wide range of producers who may for example include:

The standards ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 fit perfectly, the first being on the management of Quality Systems and the second on the control of welding processes.
ISO 3834 can also be applied alone whenever a company means to organize and manage the quality of welding operations. In fact welding, as a “special process”, is relevant to the quality of the products, since it cannot be totally tested at the end of the realization. To this purpose, special requirements and controls and appropriate expertise are necessary before, during and after production.
The certification of the company will be operated by ASACERT, third party certification body, chosen by the manufacturer according to criteria of independence and competence.

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