ASACERT provides assessment and certification services in a wide variety of professional sectors – with expertise in civil, hydrology, aviation, power telecoms and oil and gas industries, in particular.

Our methods are field-tested and exceptionally reliable allowing us to provide solutions tailored to the wide range of our clients’ needs and to the specific area of activity.

Our assessment and certification processes are shaped by constant research activities and significant investments in technology and human resources ensuring competitive first-class services.

Such features make ASACERT GROUP stand out in the market.


Asacert  mission consists uniquely in creating added value for the client’s benefit.

  • High quality services, outstanding reliability, professionalism and discretion, talent for listening and paying attention to the costumers’ needs.
  • A personalised, yet assured methodology built to integrate and assimilate the specific characteristics of the operating environment.
  •  Thanks to sophisticated research activities and significant investment in technology and human resources, ASACERT offers high quality service and stands out in its sector.


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