Dynamism, preparation, proactivity:

we speak the same language as the client. And that makes the difference.


Reliability, accuracy, proximity:

we do not just provide a service, but we establish long-lasting partnerships with companies.


Speed, specialization, versatility:

we support the urgencies of the customer to better respond to their needs.



To monitor the compliance of processes and plants compared to current standards



To ensure the creation, implementation and maintenance of a management system and organizational excellence



To be assured of recognized and independent estimates and support the risk assessment and asset management functions



To promote talent through professional courses based on the direct involvement of participants

The ASACERT Group offers inspection, certification and valuation services, in accordance with international standards ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17021, with the following accreditations: ACCREDIA in Italy, UKAS in United Kingdom and DAC in UAE, as well as notification to the European Community for a CE mark (CE 2021).

ASACERT professionals – distributed all over the country – have specific expertise in this sector, undergoing periodic verification that they are up to date with new methodologies and auditing techniques, changes in industry regulations and introduction of new certification schemes in order to ensure robust, advanced technical assessments. Our experience gained in different areas allows us to offer on one hand timely, specialised responses, and on the other to develop comprehensive services.


ASACERT stands out in the field of engineering assurance services for its propensity to act as a business partner thanks to continuous research and hgghsignificant investment in technology and human resources.

ASACERT uses proven methodologies, to the highest standards in the industry, but also a personalised approach aimed at integrating ourselves into different operating environments, ensuring maximum reliability, competence and confidentiality, with a willingness to listen and pay attention to your business’s needs.

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